Overspending at the supermarket on the weekly shop is very easy to do.

Often you think you’ll spend around £60 and, before you know it, the shopping trolley is overflowing and it ends up costing over £100 in total!

Cut-back on Weekly Supermarket Spending   - Debt Consolidation LoansHow do you get better at sticking to a strict grocery budget, so it’s not a knock-on effect on the other financial commitments you have every month?

Here are some helpful tips for your next grocery outing – to cut back on weekly supermarket spending

  • Write a list – plan your evening meals for the upcoming week. What exactly do you need, work it all out. Write a shopping list and don’t get attracted by any bargains along the way. You can easily be distracted.
  • Buy own brands within the supermarket – you probably didn’t know that many of the main brands supply the supermarkets with their own-brand products. If you know somebody quite knowledgeable about this, it’s worth asking them about it or do some research, this will save you quite a lot if you switch.
  • Stock-up when there’s a sale – if non-perishable products are on sale, then stock-up and you’ll save quite a bit across the year. You don’t need to hoard, so if you have the room at your home then buy what you are able to for a long-term financial savings benefit. If you can, see if you can find a wholesale warehouse store that offers bulk items at discounted rates, these are well worth a trip to.
  • Read the label – larger items can look like a great deal, but you might find that two of something is better value. Allow a bit of time to work through this, but once you know what is a bargain and what is not, then you know next time you shop what’s more cost-effective.
  • Coupons – always save coupons and give them in at the till at the end to save some money. You can reach a decent amount off if you can shop savvy around coupons you have.
  • Shop on a full tummy, not when you are hungry! – If your tummy is rumbling, then you will not be focused on your list. Before you know it, you’ve either put extra items in your basket or eaten half the content before you get home!!!

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