How It Works

Lots of us owe money on more than one credit card or have several different credit agreements or loans in place.

Keeping Track of multiple payments each month to settle your credit agreements and loans, can be stressful and tricky attempting to keep track of your finances.

Any missed payments can cause stress, and further charges from the lenders.

A single monthly payment loan, (Debt Consolidation Loan) is very useful, allowing you to settle any previous credit agreements and have a single simple monthly payment to make.

A single monthly payment is very handy in allowing you to keep track of your monthly finances, which in turn can save you the hassle of managing your money each month.

  • Have one low monthly payment
  • Pay all your debts with one single payment


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Pay off current loans / credit cards

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One simple monthly payment

How do debt consolidation loans work?

Debt Consolidation Loans are very simple, They allow you to have a simple monthly payment to cover any previous loans or credit agreements you may have in place. Many people take out a credit card or bank loan, and then circumstances change, having multiple loans can be hard to keep track off, by arranging a single monthly payment to consolidate all your debts, allows you to keep track of your monthly finances much more easily.

A single payment loan (debt consolidation loan) could mean you pay less each month by allowing you to pay off your current higher interest rate loans, allowing you to budget more on your monthly outgoings.

Please see our FAQ’s for more information about the process.

Why commit to a debt consolidated loan?

  • It enables you to concentrate on improving your personal finances
    One single loan payment will streamline all your borrowing into one easy monthly payment. This means you are less likely to default or miss any payments when direct debits are at different times across the month. It can become very confusing.
  • Improving your finances with one simple loan could also help you to reduce your total amount of debt owed
    You could reduce your interest rate via one consolidated loan, instead of having lots of confusing higher rates, which means you could save money overall on the total amount you owe.
  • Enhance your credit score
    Ultimately, by the end of your loan period, you could earn yourself a better personal credit score, as long as you make each payment of your loan on time and in full each month. 


About Us

Debt Consolidation Loans are a UK based finance brokerage company, we have a small team of experts who have a number of years experience dealing with Debt Consolidation, We believe in good old fashioned customer service and reliable communication.

Our many years of experience in the finance industry means our understanding of the products on offer and our ability to match them to our customers’ needs is second to none.

We have a large panel of lenders who have dedicated customer account managers along with excellent service puts our customers in control of their finances and gives them the peace of mind they want.

Debt Consolidation Loans searches the largest panel of loan lenders available to help find the right loan for you, based on your requirements.

How We Work

When you apply for a loan via Debt Consolidation Loans we use a soft credit search to find a loan. We then give you options that are suited to your personal circumstances and credit history. The application process is very simple, and super fast.

We can assure you that applying through Debt Consolidation Loans won’t affect your credit rating; it simply allows our lenders to get a good judgement on your circumstances.

Once Debt Consolidation Loans has found the best loan for you, our lenders will send out your paperwork straight away by post or email. If you have any problems completing the paperwork or providing the documents, then our panel of lenders have dedicated support services that allow you to get as much assistance as you need.

If you need any help or assistance in anyway our team of experts are always on hand to give advice.