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This afternoon, the House of Lords EU Committee will hear from Michael Gove on contingency plans for the end of the transition period with the EU, as negotiations enter the 11th hour.

As attempts to agree a deal on the future UK-EU relationship continue, the Committee are likely to ask for crucial updates on the deadline for completing these negotiations, the status of discussions on the level playing field, and preparations and contingency plans for the end of the transition period.

The Committee will also seek further clarity on the practical implications of last week’s announcement of UK-EU agreement on implementation of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland and on the progress of discussions on citizens’ rights.

The evidence session will take place from 4.45pm today (Thursday 17 December) and can be viewed on


The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and UK Co-Chair of the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement Joint Committee

Questions are likely to include:

  • What is the deadline for the completion of the negotiations?
  • What principles is the UK seeking to uphold in relation to negotiations on the level playing field and non-regression?
  • What is the Government doing to address concerns about the EU granting data adequacy to the UK?
  • What measures are the UK taking to mitigate any gaps in UK-EU security cooperation, whether or not a deal is agreed?
  • What disruption will UK businesses/citizens experience after 1 January, either with or without agreement?
  • When will the Government bring forward no deal contingency measures?
  • How will the practical operation of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland compare in the event of agreement or non-agreement on the UK-EU future relationship?
  • How will the UK-EU agreements on implementation of the Protocol in relation to goods not at risk of moving into the EU Single Market and grace periods for authorised traders operate in practice?

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