Defining County Court Judgments

If you have a County Court Judgment, or CCJ, against you, you may find it harder to get credit.  A CCJ is issued (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) when a court decides that you owe someone money, and it stays on your record for six years, flagging up to potential lenders that you may not be creditworthy.

What Are County Court Judgments | Debt Consolidation LoansThe question “Do you have any County Court Judgments against you?” appears on various documents, including on the reference form when you apply to rent a property.

If you have a County Court Judgment against you, it is worth considering:

  • paying it off in full within the first month – you can then get it removed from your record
  • paying if off in full after the first month – you can then apply to have it marked “satisfied”
  • making regular payments – this is recorded and lenders may look upon it favourably

Useful information can be found at, where you can also find details about:

  • how to search for County Court Judgments against you (for a small fee).
  • how the law is different in Scotland.

If you are refused credit unexpectedly, check that there are no County Court Judgments against you that you don’t know about – this can happen if the court sends the original notification to the wrong address, for example.

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